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Dealing with the Most Positive Type of Writing

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Smile essays are thought to be aimed at discussing the topic of smiling and all the related issues. Partially it is, but there is one peculiarity in this type of writing, which cannot be ignored. For instance, smile essays should not only discuss, but cause smiles. How to achieve this? If you are interested, continue reading this article.

Smile essay: Contact with reader

In order to achieve the set goals of a smile essay, it is important for the author to set a contact with the reader. This will guarantee proper perception of the text, and a positive reaction. With this purpose, several techniques can be applied to the paper:

  • Rhetorical questions

This technique is universal for all the types of writing. In a smile essay, rhetorical questions play the role of dialogue stimulators. In fact, they make the reader think of the discussed subject instead of automatically reading the text.

  • Addressing the reader

Another method to set a contact with the reader in a smile essay is to address them in sentences. Such phrases can be used: you probably heard of; your reaction would be, etc.

  • Appeal to memory

There is also an implicit way of talking to readers in a smile essay. For instance, the author can use some common features of all the humans, e.g. memories about childhood. This will shorten the distance between the reader and the author and make the smile essay more interesting.

Smile essay: Causing smiles

When the contact with the reader is set in a smile essay, the next task is to make them smile. In order to do this, the author may consider using the following methods:

    • Anecdotes
    • Jokes
    • Funny stories
    • Similes
    • Paradoxes
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