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Reaction Essay: How to Write It Quickly and Effectively?

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Recreation essay is your personal opinion on a certain issue. It can be a response to a book, film, scientific work etc. It may seem to be not a very difficult task, but when you start writing, all thoughts disappear somewhere.

So, take into consideration some advice that will help you to write a good recreation essay.

  1. First of all, prepare for your writing. You will have to write a respond to something, consequently, you should be aware of the topic of your recreation essay. So, watch a film, read a book or attend seminars related to the topic of the recreation paper.
  2. Do not do it just for amusement. Be attentive and critical, make notes that you will later include in your recreation essay.
  3. As recreation paper is your personal respond, you should use such statements as “I think”, “I feel that”, “in my opinion”, “because”, “I see” that and all that sort of expressions that will help you to represent your thoughts in the recreation paper.
  4. As any essay, recreation essay consists of the following parts: an introduction, a body and a conclusion.
  5. The introduction should present the topic and should contain a thesis statement of the work. 
  6. In the body of the recreation essay, you should disclose your thesis. The body consists of several paragraphs.
  7. Each paragraph of the recreation essay should start with the author’s point of view, than you present your thoughts on the issue. Do not forget about supporting your thoughts with examples of events, studies or quotations.
  8. The conclusion of the recreation essay is a restatement of the thesis statement or you can write it as a comment on your essay. But, do not include any new information in your conclusion.
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