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Learn about the Constituents of Your Proposal for Dissertation

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Writing a proposal for dissertation is obligatory for those who are writing dissertations. Do not be afraid of this assignment. Though it is often the hardest part of your dissertation, your proposal for dissertation will facilitate your writing of this important paper in future.

Requirements for the proposal for dissertation differ. In most of the cases, the length of the proposal for dissertation depends on the length of the dissertation itself. Basically, you are required to create a proposal for dissertation almost from nothing. You have only the topic of your future dissertation and some ideas on what to write in it. Your proposal for dissertation is, for the biggest part, a summary of your future dissertation.

The constituents of the proposal for dissertation

A proposal for dissertation does not have a standard structure, though some of its most widespread constituents may still be identified. Here is the most widespread structure of a proposal for dissertation:

  • Introduction. In this section of your proposal for dissertation you are required to give an overview of your topic, to emphasize the contribution of your work into the development of this topic, and to formulate your main research question.
  • Statement of the problem. State the problem you will be researching in your dissertation and shape specific questions with respect to this problem. You may also provide some background of the problem in this section of your proposal for dissertation. 
  • Theoretical framework. Define the main terms you will be using in your dissertation.
  • Methodology. In this part of your proposal for dissertation you should describe the methods of data collection you will use for your research.
  • Bibliography. Do not forget to mention the sources you used for your proposal for dissertation.

This structure is flexible. Feel free to use other sections.

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