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Outsourcing Term Paper: Hints on Writing and Topic Ideas

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Outsourcing becomes more and more significant issue in the world of modern business. That is why writing about it is useful and interesting. In this article, we offer you some hints on choosing an outsourcing term paper topic and a list of sample topics.

Outsourcing Term Paper: How to Choose a Topic

When writing a term paper, it is important not to turn it into an essay. Make sure that in your outsourcing term paper, you do a research and represent its results. For example, such topics as “Essence of outsourcing” are more appropriate for an outsourcing essay than for an outsourcing term paper.

To do a research for your outsourcing term paper, you will have to work with numbers, cases and other researchers’ investigations. When looking for necessary information, use all kinds of sources. Books and journal articles are always very helpful; at the same time, there is much information about outsourcing on the Internet, form example:

    • Sourcing Mag - www. sourcingmag. com
    • Outsourcing to India - www. outsource2india. com
    • Research at Offshoring Management - www. htm
    • The Outsourcing Institute - www. outsourcing. com
    • Outsourcing Research - www., etc

      Now, let us inspire you a bit and illustrate how an outsourcing term paper topic can look like. we offer you some sample topics for your outsourcing term paper writing.

      Outsourcing term paper: sample topics

      • Outsourcing term paper: topic 1. Outsourcing to India: prospects and challenges
      • Outsourcing term paper: topic 2. Current trends in outsourcing
      • Outsourcing term paper: topic 3. Nike outsourcing strategy
      • Outsourcing term paper: topic 4. IT outsourcing and global business
      • Outsourcing term paper: topic 5. Managing quality risk in outsourcing
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