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The Most Important Elements of Writing a Mental Health Essay

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James Taylor defines mental health as a term used to describe a level of cognitive or emotional well-being or an absence of a mental disorder. It is a phenomenon that is hard to be examined. Mental health essays aim to investigate problematic cases of mental health care.

Problems for discussion

An essay on mental health is an assignment for students of Psychology or Medicine. If you are a psychologist, it will be interesting for you to raise problems of emotional instability, depressions, moral torments, or something like that. Medic students can analyze some problems of mental disorders of different kinds in a mental health essay.


Before writing, you need to conduct a detailed research of a question that you selected for your mental health essay. The work starts with gathering significant materials from different sources. Note materials from literature and your own observations. It is good to support your ideas with some cases from your practice.

The ethic question

While writing an essay on mental health, you will use a lot of evidences. Remember that the ethic question must be maintained. You can include into your mental health essay only those cases which are allowed by the participants.


Mental health essays require the use of special data and experiment results. Be accurate in presenting detailed information of your research. Analyze causes of disorders to propose some appropriate ways of treatment. Your mental health essay is not a prescription for a concrete case, but it is a general diagnosis for similar cases.

In your mental health essay you can present some findings for treatment of wide-spread mental disorders. People can also use your essay as a source of information to prevent themselves from diseases.

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