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GMAT Essay Writing: What Useful Skills Do You Already Have?

GMAT essay writing help

Passing AWA requires taking several steps, one by one, and the destination everybody dreams about is getting a 6 for his/her essays. This article is addressed to those who are at the moment at their point of departure. You will have to make a long trip practicing in GMAT essay writing. However, there is the good news: you already have some important skills to take with you in your suitcase.

Essay Structuring

GMAT essay writing requires a skill which you probably already have: structuring your essays. When writing GMAT essays, keep close to the structure of a usual 5 paragraph essay:

  • write an introductory paragraph where you provide your statement
  • divide the essay body to 3-4 paragraphs
  • provide a conclusive paragraph where you summarize your arguments and restate your opinion stated in the beginning of the essay
  • in each body paragraph, you represent one argument and then support it

These points are known for those who wrote 5 paragraph essays when studying, aren’t they?

What is special about GMAT Essay writing: It is very important to write GMAT essays so that all the paragraphs are linked very well. This includes both linking words and logical connection.


Another matter to take with you is your grammar. Whether it is good or bad, you will need it in your GMAT essay writing. Though AWA is focused on essay content, grammar is also worth paying attention. Showing good grammar in GMAT essay writing will “win” both readers: a computer program will have no difficulties with interpreting your writing, and a specialist who will read your essays will have good impression about them.

What is special about GMAT Essay writing: When writing essays, you probably tried to make sentences as long and complicated as possible, to use long, beautiful words etc. GMAT essay writing requires changing your approach.

Sentences should not be complicated: let them be quite short but have not repeating constructions. Besides, when writing GMAT essays, avoid risking with grammar: if your do not know exactly how a word is spelled, substitute it with a synonym.

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