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Gattaca Essay: Some Ideas and Writing Tips for Your Essay

Gattaca essay help

Writing about movies is always very fascinating. If you are to write a Gattaca essay, you will definitely enjoy this task, as the movie is very interesting and touches upon quite a controversial issue. In this article, you will find some hints on writing a Gattaca essay.

When writing essays about movies, it is important not to lapse into writing a movie review. Correspondingly, in your Gattaca essay, do not focus on discussing whether the actors were good in the movie, whether you liked Gattaca, etc.

Your Gattaca essay should be a response essay on the movie. You are expected to express your opinion on the question discussed in Gattaca. This movie touches upon the controversial matters of biotechnology and eugenics, and this is what you are to discuss in your Gattaca essay. You can discuss the main idea, the plot, the characters of the movie.

According to the plot of Gattaca, the time has come when liberal eugenics has become the dominating ideology in the society. Liberal eugenics is the ideology which implies that humans’ characteristics are enhanced by means of reproductive and genetic technologies, and individuals are free to choose the direction of these changes.

For example, you can formulate your Gattaca essay topic as follows:

  • Gattaca essay: topic 1. Vincent Freeman and Eugene Morrow: comparing two characters, two personalities
  • Gattaca essay: topic 2. Ethical aspects of liberal eugenics
  • Gattaca essay: topic 3. What does the movie Gattaca make us think about?

Before you write your Gattaca essay, you will need to:

    • Watch the movie attentively and take notes
    • Come up with the dimension which you want to choose for your essay
    • Do additional research in order to be persuasive in your essay
    • Prepare an outline for your essay

      In your Gattaca essay:

      • First introduce the movie to a reader: summarize the plot and the main idea
      • Present your opinion on a chosen question about Gattaca and its main idea
      • Provide arguments in order to support your opinion
      • Summarize your ideas and make conclusions
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