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Notable Examples of Classification Essays: Divide and Rest

example of classification essay help

Why are examples of classification essays extremely useful? Classification essay is one of the most difficult writing assignments. It requires logical thinking and categorizing the objects into groups according to a certain principle. Read some rules of classification and your work will be a fine example of classification essay.

Rules of classification

  1. Use one organizing principle for all categories. Do not categorize animals into three groups according to hair color, length of teeth, and domestication/wild life principles simultaneously. Carefully read examples of classification essays to establish logical connections between arguments given for sorting.
  2. This organizing principle should have sense. Labeling girls of your class according to the color of their nail polish has a rather disputable scientific value. In any example of classification essay you will find grounding the usefulness of this classification.
  3. Provide impressive examples and support your view point. All examples of classification essays, which are good, contain as many illustrative examples in each category as possible.

Useful tips

    1. Be attentive when you evaluate the objects. Study them in detail.
    2. Each object belongs to only one group. If it can be referred to two or more – the classification principle you use in your example of classification essay should be narrower.
    3. Describe each category and precisely define its characteristic features. Make sure all objects belonging to this group have these characteristics, and neither object from other groups possesses them. If it is so, your example of classification essay is correct.
    4. The common classifying principle is a thesis, and it should be stated in your example of classification essay according to the scheme “topic – principle of classification – categories”. 
    5. A well-composed example of classification essay is written according to a typical format consisting of introduction, main body, and conclusion. Paragraphs of the main body describe each category and give vivid examples. 
    6. Your example of classification essay will demonstrate your ability to think logically. Divide objects into categories and rule the world!
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