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Dream Essays: Essays of Your Dream or Dreams Framed in Essays

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The first thing you probably think of after hearing about dream essays is whether people talk about brilliant essays they always dreamt of, or about papers, in which they can describe their dreams. Understanding the importance of the former, we, nevertheless, will focus on the latter idea in this article.

Your dream

So, dream essays…What do you know about them? Even if you think you know a little, you almost sure to know practically everything. The point about dream essays is that they should reflect your personal information, i. e. your dreams, and no one can tell whether you have written it right or wrong. Thus, if you know your dreams, and you certainly do, than you know everything about dream essays. Well, almost everything…


The only point that remains is the structure. However, if you know perfectly how other essays are formatted, you will cope with structuring dream essays as well. The main elements of structuring is your understanding of the 5-paragraph principle according to which you need to introduce the topic of your dream essay, develop it in two or three paragraphs (traditional length that can be modified in any particular case), and conclude the essay logically.


When you are sure that you know the structure that your dream essay should have, you can move on to topic selection. You probably have several dreams, and in your dream essay you can cover them all or focus on only one of them. As well, dream essay is the work in which you can explain why you have the dream that you have, what made you have this dream, and how you work on making it come true. This is your dream and your dream essay!

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