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Free and Helpful Guide to Writing a Dissertation Proposal

dissertation proposal help

Writing a dissertation proposal is considered to be one of the most difficult assignments for students because students need to create something worthwhile out of nothing. And it is not a surprise to see you here, reading this article. You face the same problem that many other students have already faced before you – you cannot decide on how to start writing a dissertation proposal.

It happens very often that the more a student knows to use in his/her dissertation proposal, the less he/she is able to unite as one whole. This is why it is better to make a good outline for your dissertation proposal and stick to it all the time:  

  1. Introduction – to present the main research question and justify your choice;
  2. Conceptual framework – to underline what is already known about the subject;
  3. Methodology – to demonstrate what steps you are going to take;
  4. Bibliography – to show what sources may be used.

Hints for writing a dissertation proposal:

    1. Do not hurry up to think about a topic of your dissertation;
    2. Never start planning your investigations until you gather ALL the necessary material;
    3. Try to comprehend why you need this dissertation proposal and what you want to investigate; 
    4. Make use of past dissertations, created by the students of your faculty.

      P.S. Many students still think that writing a dissertation proposal is a waste of time.

      Do not follow their example! With the help of a dissertation proposal, you get a chance to comprehend what is expected from you and your project. If you get an approval with your dissertation proposal, you may continue your research and develop the idea in the frames of your dissertation project! Good luck!

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