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Child labor Essays: How to Organize Structural Parts Properly

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What is the most awful thing that a human being can do? In fact, there are a lot of atrocities that a man can do: murder, betrayal, stealing, torturing, just to name a few. They say that a human being is the cruelest animal on the Earth. Still, there is no doubt that the worst action is the one that involves humiliation or exploitation of a child.

Child labor is one of the most controversial issues humanity faces. This is why a student who is going to work on child labor essays has a chance to present a reflection and analysis of a topical problem in his/her child labor essays. In this article, we offer you some useful hints for each part of child labor essays. We hope they will help you in your creative work.


  • In this part of your child labor essays, you should use something impressive. This may be a personal story, a quotation from some authoritative source, a description of some episode from a movie or news block;
  • Remember that introduction should present the thesis of the essay that is the core of child labor essays; 
  • Besides, you may reformulate your thesis in the course of work on your child labor essays.

Main body

    • The content of the main body of child labor essays can be various. The thing you should keep in mind is that it is necessary to present the main body in the form of several paragraphs. You should remember that each idea should be presented in a separate paragraph of a child labor essay;
    • A good choice will be to write about negative effect of childhood labor in child labor essays. You should state at least three arguments proving your point of view. Also, you should present an opposing point of view but you should refute it.


          The main thing that should be presented in this part of child labor essays is your final opinion about the issue. Summarize everything you have mentioned in the main part of a child labor essay.

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