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Child Abuse Research Papers: Data Collection Strategies

child abuse research paper help

What are child abuse research papers?

Child abuse research papers are scholarly works that discuss and study such a relevant social issue as child abuse in all its forms. The focuses for child abuse research papers include unlawful child labor, discrimination, and violence towards children.

But how can one find information for a child abuse research paper if those guilty of child abuse do not share such data with public? There are two major ways:

  1. Use the data from the online resources that struggle with child abuse by providing data on it and offering strategies to fight it;
  2. Use child abuse research papers written by others to get the data they already found on this topic.

Online search for child abuse research paper data

The first way to deal with data collection for child abuse research papers is the online search. As the issue of child abuse is rather burning, there are numerous web resources that provide testimony by child abuse victims and offer the strategies to fight and resist child abuse. Such resources often contain lots of useful information you can use in your child abuse research paper.

Child abuse research papers by other authors

The second way to collect data for your child abuse research paper is to consult other works of the kind. Using this way, you can, moreover, see how such papers are formatted and structured. At the same time, you should be careful while citing data from other child abuse research papers so that to avoid plagiarism in your work. Proper citation of all data you take from other works is the best way to deal with such a problem and succeed in writing child abuse research papers.

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