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Some Ideas for the Choice of a Topic of Banking Dissertations

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Banking dissertations cover a wide range of topics. You should be orientated towards the area of your practical work. You can look through the list below and choose an interesting topic for you.

  • Investment banking
  • International banking
  • Banking and Finance
  • Islamic banking
  • Offshore banking

If you have difficulties with the selection of a topic for your banking dissertation, consult your instructor. He or she can suggest an appropriate topic in accordance with your abilities and interests.

Assessment from different sources

You can find a topic from internet resources. There are some free articles devoted to the problem of a topic selection for banking dissertations. Your familiar bank workers or specialists in Finance can help you. Ask them for some ideas about the topics of banking dissertations.

Your experience

Make the list of topics that you can discover in your banking dissertation. Evaluate your abilities and interests. Your banking dissertation should contain the findings of your practical activity. It is your contribution to the collaborative project of your company on some problem solution.

The topic of your dissertation should suggest some facts that are known from different sources. Banking dissertations require evidences that can explain your arguments upon the topic. The findings of your theoretical research should be confirmed by your practical results.


The problem defines the course of developing the banking dissertation. The plan of your research should follow topic questions. Make an outline of your writing. Pick up some points for development. They should discover different sides of the topic. The points under discussion must be logically organized.

Thus, the choice of a topic is very important stage of writing a banking dissertation.

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