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Art History Essay: Basic Forms and Types of Assignment

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Such task as art history essay writing is usually required in colleges in accordance with the professor’s requirements and curriculum standards. It is important to stress that art history essay can be presented in several different forms:

  • Art stylistic analysis, requiring the analysis of art objects and stages of their development. It is necessary to concentrate on art style characterizing definite period or epoch. For example, your art history essay can reflect Macedonian period in its contrast to the epoch of Renaissance.
  • Theoretical analysis, which means to provide a detail historical and theoretical overview of the particular art period.
  • Provenance analysis used in your art history essay writing needs the description of the object life. One should demonstrate the journey of the object from the process of its creation by the author to its submission to the museum or exhibition. 
  • Iconology in art history essay writing means the art analysis before modern epoch. 
  • Art development formal analysis in the art history essay is dedicated to the investigation of formal qualities of an art object and its development throughout the history.

Art History Essay Topics

    • Body painting as a part of art history essay;
    • Modern woman and body art in art history essay;
    • Sculpture development in art history essay.

      You can select one of these topics or choose your own, but remember that the success of your paper is dependant on the strong arguments and examples provided throughout the work.

      Be attentive in style and formatting of the essay; and take into account the requirements provided by your professor. Try to stick to the type of essay assignment regarding the basic characteristics disclosed above.

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