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Basic Requirements for Writing the APA Literature Review

APA literature review help

APA literature review  

The two basic things you need to take care of before writing an APA literature review include:

  • Learn or review APA requirements;
  • Find out if this APA literature review is a separate task or a part of a research paper.


Irrespective of the second point, i. e. the belonging of your APA literature review, the basic APA requirements for literature reviews include the following font style, font size, and spacing. The only requirements that depends upon whether the APA literature review is a separate work or not is the section development of the paper:

    • Times New Roman (or something similar);
    • 12-point font size (or 10-point if allowed);
    • Always double-spaced;
    • Contain one of four major elements (only the body of the review if it is the part of a larger paper, and title page, abstract, body, and references if it is a separate paper).

      In any case, the APA literature review should contain page numbers and headers on every page. The page number is placed at the upper right corner of the page five spaces after the header of the paper (usually a short paper title or a couple of words from the complete title).

      Apart from format requirements, the APA literature review has content guidelines as well. Thus, for better quality of your APA literature review, be sure to include the comprehensive overview of research works from the past and the most updated studies. This will show how your knowledge of the topic is and how much people can rely on the precise data presented in your APA literature review.

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