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Simple Instructions on Writing an Action Research Paper

action research paper help

An action research paper has a lot of other names. It is also called a contextual or participatory research. If these names do not suggest you an idea of what an action research paper is, Rory O’Brien defines this work as “learning by doing”.

Action research papers require the research of a topic through the independent investigation of a problem. It is the practical use of your theoretical knowledge in a particular discipline.

  1. First of all, you need to consult your instructor to clarify assignment details for writing an action research paper. He or she can help you to select a topic for your research, give prompts on material search, and explain the requirements for the work organization.
  2. You should gather information from different resources. Make the plan of your analysis and discuss it with your tutor. An action research paper includes several stages of the work. You state the problem, find the ways of its solution, and evaluate the results. If the results are not satisfactory for you, you can find some other ways of the problem solving. Do not hesitate to consult your tutor on each stage of writing an action research paper.
  3. Your action research paper should explain the significance of the topic and propose the ways of its solving. In your writing you should answer the main question of the research. It will be easier, if you have a clear and concise thesis statement presenting the question of the action research paper.
  4. Answer the question of the action research paper by information analysis and your arguments. Your logical arguments with strong proofs and evidences are the best way to conduct the research. The results of your action research paper should satisfy your tutor’s and your own expectations.
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