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Academic Book Review: Paper Writing Tips for Students

academic book review help

Academic book review writing is not a complicated task, though it demands certain aspects to be taken into account. 

Academic Book Review Writing Tips:

  • Make sure that you have understood the book correctly and read it one more time to take some notes. Academic book review writing should not be based on the summary, so write out the most interesting for you moments to analyze.
  • Select an appropriate title for your academic book review. It is necessary to stress that the topic title should reflect the main theme of the book and author’s message he/she strived to disclose to the readers.
  • Academic book review should contain a strong thesis statement grabbing the reader’s attention. Try to make your thesis interesting and arguable. 
  • Concentrate on academic book review structuring and organizing. Start with a brief summary of the book and move gradually to review and analysis of the chapters.  
  • Highlight the contribution of the author to the literature through the book under analysis. What are the main and important aspects for the society and cultural development highlighted by the author?  
  • Concluding part of your academic book review should underline your personal opinion and argument as to the thesis.

Consider the limitations in writing academic book review which are based on the word count and style to be strictly observed. Try to use literary language and sound academically correct. Remember that academic book review requires appropriate citation style and formatting in accordance with the provided standards.

Is the article helpful for your future paper writing? Certainly, it is. Make use of the tips highlighted to create a perfect literature review hooking your teacher’s attention by creativity and professionalism.

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