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Five Tips on Writing the Section of a Dissertation Abstract

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A dissertation is the most important writing task for students. Their works will be published in some scientific sources and presented to a wide audience.

A dissertation abstract is a summary of your dissertation. There you provide the main details of your work, its purpose and significance, results and conclusions. Readers get the first impression of your dissertation from the abstract dissertation. It allows the audience to understand what your dissertation is about.

In this article you will find some tips on how to write the abstract dissertation.

  1. Write the dissertation abstract last, after the whole dissertation has been written. It will be easier to pick up the main points of your research and evaluate the results of your work.
  2. Be concise. Your abstract dissertation should not be too long. It can cover one or two pages. It is difficult to condense the topic that you develop in the dissertation length. But you should write about the main results of the research without unnecessary details. The dissertation abstract aims to prepare readers to comprehension of the topic.
  3. Be concrete. In the abstract dissertation you discover the definition of your topic, main results of its investigation, and conclusions. It requires clarity in a way of information presentation.
  4. Do not raise new topics. Points in your abstract dissertation should be relevant to the topic of your dissertation. The length of the dissertation abstract is limited. There is no need to raise other topics in a dissertation devoted to the concrete theme.
  5. Use key terms in the dissertation abstract. Using terms from your dissertation, you will prepare your readers for a style of your writing.
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